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In Medias Res (2020) What happens when you embody a facebook feed on stage, and how can the composition found on sosial media be danced? In Medias Res is a dance theatrical performance reflecting an absurd worldview that appears on social media, where world crises are presented equally with selfies, clickbait and videos of cats. Using body and voice, 5 dancers are translating a jumble of current content from the screen, which is then danced out in a chaotic and comic collage.

Choreography: Helene Düring Kjær Co-creators/dancers: Astrid Mæland, Šárka Benedová, Brage Nordang and Oda Olivia Ø. Lindegård. Music: Arthur Eddyson and Atul Giri The piece was made with support from Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune. Thanks to: Benedicte Ramfjord, Tou Scene for the arts residency Voice coach: Henriette Bru Guldberg

Photography: Eduardo H. Scarramuzza

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